Freedom Cerakote – 07 FFL Manufacturer

2020 Price List: Cerakote, Black Oxide & Parkerizing

Prices apply to disassembled firearms – Gunsmith service is available.

* Complete Handgun Starting at – $225
* Slide only – $75
* Frame only – $85

AR & AK Style Rifle/Pistol:
* Complete AR or AK style rifle/pistol Starting at – $275
* AR stripped upper or lower – $80
* AR Handguard – $6 per inch in length

Shotguns & Bolt Action Rifles
* Complete rifle or shotgun (All metal components) Starting at – $190
* Rifle or shotgun stock Starting at – $80

* Engraving
* * Serial number only starting at $80
* * Safe/Fire marks or bullet pictogram marks on left side of receiver starting at $50
* * Custom logos deep engraved starting at $80

Additional important Customer information:
*All custom firearms (complete or components) finishing will require a Customer Work Authorization Form prior to start of any work. Work Authorization From is supplied by Freedom Cerakote and includes full scope of services, cost of services, process lead-time, shipping method, and verification the job has been logged in FFL log book.
*FFL to FFL transfer rules apply. Freedom Cerakote Customer Service Department will advise at time of customer request.
*Large run, Manufacturers & Dealer Pricing is available on a case by case basis.
*Process lead-time for Cerakote single coat is 72 to 96 hours; multi coat, camo, kryptek process time is approximately 5-10 days.
*Process lead-time for Black Oxide coating & Parkerizing finish is 24 to 48 hours.
*Expedite service is available upon request.
*Non-stock Cerakote colors may require an additional fee for small volume purchase and shipping TBD at customer request.
*Freedom Cerakote Terms & Conditions apply to all orders processed.
*NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior written notice. All firearms projects are unique and special circumstances may apply. All firearms / parts will be processed in the condition as received. Freedom Cerakote limits warranty of workmanship; Customer is responsible for the handling and care of their coated parts including environment exposure. Custom projects will require review of parts and scope of work to ensure customer satisfaction in price and delivery.